Android SmartPhone QHD Wallpaper 0299

Android SmartPhone QHD Wallpaper 0299
Download Wallpaper

How to save and change wallpaper

How to save wallpaper

・Tap "Download wallpaper" under the wallpaper.
・Press and hold the wallpaper and save it.

How to change the home screen wallpaper

・With the terminal on the home screen, tap on the vacant space and press and hold.
・As long as you press the item will come out, tap the item with the wallpaper.
・Since the screen to change the wallpaper appears, select an image from My Photos.
・Select home screen at the place to display wallpaper and it is done.

How to change lock screen wallpaper

・From the application button, tap Settings.
・By tapping the wallpaper from the personal setting, you can select "lock screen", "home screen" and "home and lock screen", so select "lock screen".
・Select an image and tap "Set wallpaper".

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